Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Irhad Rizvo Durakovic has lost his fight to nvCJD R.I.P.

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Irhad has lost the fight

Napisan July 26th, 2011 u Aktivnosti

Dear all,

For those of you who haven’t yet heard, it is with great sadness that I share the news of the death of our dear friend Irhad who passed away this morning around 4am.




OUR condolences to the family and friends of Irhad Rizvo Durakovic. maybe someday we can rid the world of these Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy prion disease, and all it's variants. ...

with warmest and very sad regards,

Terry S. Singeltary Sr.

here is a bit of history on Irhad.......tss

Help our friend Irhad Rizvo

Napisano September 21st, 2010 u Aktivnosti, Dopunska škola

Dear All,

Irhad Rizvo Durakovic is 23 years old and he is fighting for his life and he needs your help.

Irhad Rizvo with his mother.

Irhad loved playing football every Friday night with his friends. He also loved playing drums and he was dreaming that his band would one day become famous. Recently all this changed as he has been diagnosed with nvCJD a variant of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease (CJD). In the space of several months his life changed upside down. Irhad was slowly losing the control of his actions, then he was losing the ability to walk. Today, his mother is his carer, tirelessly looking after him day and night.

Irhad’s best shot is a treatment at Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland. A treatment has been scheduled by the end of the month. His mum is trying to raise £16,000 towards the treatment (PPS treatment) that could save his life.

Irhad is currently in the Chelsea & Westminster hospital in London, following an operation in which a catheter was placed into his stomach. This catheter is used to feed food as Irhad has lost ability to chew and swallow food in a natural way. We are hoping that Irhad will soon regain strength as the PPS treatment is physically demanding. A member of Bosnia Appeal recently visited Irhad in the hospital and was given permission by his mother to publish a video of Irhad.

Bosnia Appeal is collecting funds and is also trying to raise awareness about this serious illness and urge anyone who could help by recommending a doctor or treatment that could save Irhad.

Please help if you can, even just by spreading the word.

You can send your donations to: Bosnia Appeal Crossover Centre 619 Bordesley Green Birmingham B9 5XZ

Bank transfer: Lloyds TSB Bank Account holder: Bosnia Appeal Account number: 02807279 Sort code: 30-00-03


IBAN:GB63 LOYD 3000 0302 8072 79



Category:Organizations - Non-Profit Organizations Description: Hello everyone!

This group has been created to help collect funds for my good friend Irhad Rizvo from London who is deadly ill. He has been diagnosed with a new variant of Creutzfeldt–Jakob, better know as the mad cow disease, a progressive virus that is attacking his brain and destroying the organism. Currently he is in a London hospital, paralyzed, on 24/7 nurse and mom care, and gone trough one surgery installing a stomach catheter for feeding him and hereby preparation for the main surgery in Edinburgh in few days. The surgery and further treatment is in Edinburgh, Scotland, as Pentosan Polisulfate (PPS) treatments are not been done in England and is delayed 2 months due to UK bureaucracy who is ignoring CJD. Therefore funds are not only necessary for the surgery, but also for necessary 24/7 nurse care and very important helicopter transfer to and from Edinburgh for operation and later every month refill of the PPS, as 10 hrs ride each way is not in Irhads favour....snip...end




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